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Simple Tricks to Lift the Eye Area

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. But what if your eyes need an instant lift? There are certain tricks that will make your upper and lower eyelid look firmer and have an immediate effect on how young you look.

Using a Concealer Correctly

Your undereye concealer can be a simple trick to lift the eye area. The key to using a concealer is to apply it from the inner corner of the eye and then down and over the under eye where creases, lines or sagging may have developed.

Be sure to pat makeup on, not rub it in after the concealer has been applied, this way your chosen style of makeup will melt in delivering that perfect lifting effect.

Applying Adhesive Strips

Eye strips are transparent and comfortable adhesive strips that are easy to apply, fit all skin tones and upper eyelid shapes and immediately reduce sagging and fine lines for up to 12 hours. You can apply makeup over the top and hope no one notices them.  

Once used by celebrities and people in the limelight these are now completely affordable, proven, instant and obviously no needles are required to give you immediately younger looking eyelids.

Yet for people with droopy eyelids these strips are perfect and give the immediate look of a surgical eye lift without the side effects an operation will leave.

Using Collagen Gel Patches

Consider using collagen eye gel patches for the under part of the eye. These gel patches provide an instant and natural lift to the skin beneath the eye and after 15 to 20 minutes will deliver a lasting effect for up to 12 hours. When used regularly, gel patches will provide long-term eye lifting results.

These patches also contain hyaluronic acid which is known as a fountain of youth as well as the host of other skin rejuvenating substances:

Collagen: Collagen is obviously the first active ingredient that instructs growth and support to existing cell tissue in the outer skin layer. Collagen in its original form cannot penetrate the skins surface, but new collagen formulas can be applied topically without the loss of efficiency.

Vitamin C: Vitamin is wonderful at fighting the free radicals in the air around us that damage the skin. Vitamin C is also observed to stimulate collagen growth when applied on the skins surface.

Coenzyme Q10: This vitamin-like oil soluble substance takes part in aerobic cellular respiration; a process that generates energy where 95% of a humans energy is produced this way. Q10 is used in collagen gel patches and in topical skin creams for its rejuvenating qualities.


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