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Blackhead Remover + Acne Vacuum Comedone - Extractor Kit

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Looking to remove blackheads and achieve glowing, smooth, clear skin? Try the innovative pore vacuum. This blackhead remover vacuum makes you forget about painful squeezing that leaves unsightly acne spots or needles that spread infection and make pimples even worse. No need to book a visit to a dermatologist - simply lightly steam your face and use the blackhead vacuum to get rid of impurities, makeup residue, blackheads, whiteheads, and pore-clogging junk. 

Another great benefit of a face vacuum device is that it promotes circulation in the skin which helps naturally remove inflammation and acne. When the skin is cleansed from pore-clogging debris using a blackhead removing vacuum, acne is less likely to occur.

Pore vacuum is a great alternative to more expensive dermatological treatments and spa procedures. During the time of lockdowns, we are unlikely to visit spa and salons as often as we want, that’s why it’s best to treat your skin to a professional-level spa procedure at home using the best blackhead remover. Why overpay hundreds for a salon procedure if you can achieve the same results? Enjoy the convenience anywhere with this painless blackhead remover tool. The treatment procedure only takes 2-3 minutes and results are visible immediately.

Plus, you are free to use familiar, natural, organic products to treat your skin before and after the vacuuming using this innovative blackhead vacuum remover. That’s why skin vacuuming is the most natural, skin beneficial acne treatment available today.


  • Chemical-free, non-abrasive deep cleansing
  • Adjustable suction power levels to prevent traumatizing your skin
  • Suction heads to fit any purpose: use to remove large blackheads 
  • Rechargeable and battery-free
  • Portable, sleek design that fits any makeup purse


  • After one use: clear, smooth, imperfection-free skin
  • After 2-3 uses: pores become less visible, acne diminishes
  • After 2 weeks: pores smooth out, acne spots diminish, skin is glowing and circulation has improved.


  • Gently steam your face before using. Pat face dry to remove excess water.
  • Attach the nozzle depending on your skin type. Choose the wide opening for oilier skin and narrow nozzle for sensitive skin.
  • Start the device and choose the power level depending on your skin type. The lowest setting is suitable for sensitive skin and the highest setting is suitable for oily acne-prone skin.
  • Use the sucking end of the device to remove skin impurities. Avoid using for more than 5 minutes at a time, otherwise a skin irritation can occur.
  • Do not leave on one spot for more than three seconds to avoid skin bruising.
  • After treating problematic areas, wipe your skin with a toner and place a towel saturated with cold water to soothe the skin, if needed.


  • Use the nozzles with wide openings on your T-zone
  • Use the nozzles with narrow openings on your cheeks and forehead
  • Regularly cleanse the nozzles with warm water and facial soap
  • Disinfect the nozzles in a microwave to keep them hygienic


  • Skin vacuuming device
  • 4 multi-use nozzles
  • USB charger and cable
  • Instructions