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11 Solutions for Skin Tightening Treatment At Home in 2021

Do you miss spa treatments and skin-tightening rituals? Well, the rescue is near! These days, you don’t need to book a visit to an expensive esthetician to treat your skin to a skin tightening or facial lifting ritual. Let’s take a look at what this guide reveals:

  1. The Real Reasons Behind Skin Sagging
  2. What Skin Tightening Actually Means
  3. Facial Patches to the Rescue
  4. Benefits of Facial Patches
  5. Affordable Skin Tightening Procedures to Do at Home
  6. How Coconut and Olive Oils Help Tighten the Skin
  7. The Power of Collagen
  8. Skin Rejuvenation with Antioxidants
  9. Massage for Skin Tightening
  10. Wonderful Nutrients to Tighten Your Skin
  11. Ways to Prevent Skin Sagging

Have you ever told yourself, “My skin needs a break?” Now it’s your chance to give your break from makeup and conventional anti-aging salon procedures. Instead, treat your skin to these easy-to-make beauty rituals at home, so you will look refreshed and revitalized when you step outside.

Raise your hands who want to rejuvenate the skin while avoiding costly cosmetic procedures? It’s easy to restore youthful skin firmness using affordable natural methods which this guide brings to you. But the first step would be to explore what actually causes the skin to lose its vigor and start sagging (and gravity is not the only one to blame.)

Facial Sagginess: Is It Possible to Overturn?

Many of us believe that parchment-like and loose skin are inevitable symptoms of aging, so only harsh surgery measures can provide any lasting effect. 

You have more control over the rate at which your skin succumbs to the process of aging. Skin firmness relies on two proteins that form the “scaffolding” structure beneath the upper skin layers. Elastin is responsible for skin elasticity while collagen maintains the skin aligned to the underlying muscle and bone structure. 

There are numerous factors that cause these two vital proteins to dissipate. Apart from inevitable forces such as gravity, these factors include:

  • Unprotected UV exposure 
  • An abundance of hormone-mimicking toxins in skincare products
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Dehydration
  • Rapid weight gain or weight loss

Natural wear and tear play their role, too. The “scaffolding” underneath the dermis layer of your skin becomes thinner or even disappears with age. When there’s no support structure underneath the skin, the dermal tissue succumbs to creases or droops.

No one can realistically avoid everything that makes skin age over time, but this doesn’t mean you cannot prolong the firmness of your skin at all. You will be amazed that many commonly available foods and natural substances can keep skin firm at any age. Of course, you are ready to jump right there, but let’s start from the top and discover a shortcut to firm skin.

What Makes Facial Patches So Effective

The cosmetic industry has experimented with topical bandages and patches for many years. First, Hollywood divas started wearing plasters that were supposed to prevent frowning and keep wrinkles from forming. These plasters were cumbersome to use and they caused skin tearing, tugging, and irritations. Luckily, they went out of fashion. Good riddance!

In recent years, facial cloth masks became a hit. You placed the tissue mask soaked in a skin tightening or hydrating solution and spread it on your face, to remove after 20-30 minutes. While many women (and men) rave about these masks, the cons were obvious. These masks failed to stay in place, the liquid tripped into eyes and mouths, and it was impossible to spread the fabric evenly so there were no air pockets or creases. It was time for a better, more professional solution.


Benefits of Facial Patches 

Meet facial patches. This is when you see the difference between a DIY and a professionally designed beauty product. The benefits are clear:

  • No more hassle with masks and scrubs
  • Can be worn anywhere, even during sleep
  • Combined action against numerous signs of aging
  • Suitable for multiple areas on your face. Patches can be applied to your eye area, forehead, or nasolabial folds.

Here the clinically observed results recorded after regular use of facial and eye patches:

  • Existing wrinkles were diminished by 56%
  • New wrinkles smoothed out completely
  • Skin sagging reduced by 65%
  • Skin hydration increased by 87%

And the best thing is, you don’t even need to leave your home to enjoy these rejuvenating results. Make painful and expensive injections, lasers, or peels the things of the past. As you anticipate that new shipment of skin patches, why not try these easy and practical anti-aging skin protocols to give your skin the tightening boost it needs and help prevent skin from turning saggy and loose.

Natural Treatments for Skin Tightening at Your Home

  1. Mask with Egg Whites and Rice Flour

Egg whites contain bioavailable proteins that help strengthen the upper skin layer, repair any damage, and provide a temporary lift when the fluid gradually dries up. Rice flour has lightening and brightening action which is beneficial for all skin types. Simply whisk one egg and one tablespoon of rice flour and apply this skin tightening paste evenly over the problematic areas. You will be surprised to see that your skin looks like porcelain after this treatment.

  1. Sweet But Good For Skin

A natural healing powerhouse, honey infuses the skin with potent phytochemical ingredients that keep it young-looking and glowing. Warm a dollop of honey in your palm and massage into problematic areas. Let the healing nutrients penetrate for 12-17 minutes. To see the results more quickly, continue the beauty treatment 3-5 times a week.

  1. Say Hello to Aloe

The juice of the Aloe vera plant is a clinically proven skin calming substance which many of us use to deal with sunburns. But little do we know that this green plant essence does wonders to preserve vital skin proteins that keep it firm and tight. For the daily treatment, apply the lightweight organic aloe gel under sunscreen or a moisturizer. Make a powerful beauty pack by mixing organic aloe juice and turmeric for a double-power skin tightener.

  1. Embrace Oils for Cleansing

Before you reach out for that expensive cleansing oil, try massaging and removing your makeup using plant oils such as olive or grapeseed. Not only oils cleanse better, as Korean beauties can prove, they also infuse your skin with a plethora of antioxidants plus essential fatty acids. This combination works magic to tighten and firm the skin naturally.

  1. Use a Naturally Powerful Astringent

Witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) leaf distillate is good not just for wound dressings and irritations. Its astringent action helps maintain the integrity of the dermal upper layer. Stronger skin is less prone to sagging. Pour some pure hamamelis distillate (available in pharmacies and health food stores) inside a spray bottle. Use it to seal your makeup or after ringing off the cleanser. To make the scent more pleasant, add 2-3 drops of essential oil per 100 ml of the distillate. Keep it light and use organic oils if possible. Shake the toner before using.

  1. Sea Salt Toner

This is an excellent toner to use after facial patches application. To make the toner, simply combine 1 teaspoon natural (unscented) sea salt and water in a spray bottle, then shake well. Your other option is Epsom salts but reduce the amount to 1/2 teaspoonful since it’s more concentrated. Spray your salty toner on your face lightly after you have treated your skin with facial patches.

  1. Tighten Your Facial Skin with Coconut Oil

The cold-pressed oil of Cocos nucifera occupies a special place among natural DIY skin tightening remedies. Among its feature ingredients is lauric acid which is capable of repairing deep skin layers. To unleash the tightening action of this tropical nut oil, massage a few drops of coconut oil into problematic areas. Allow to penetrate overnight and wake up to glowing, visibly tighter skin. 

To keep your skin youthful and lifted, complement your topical treatments with facial patches and homemade facial skin tightening treatments with these powerful nutrients that keep your looks youthful from inside out.

  1. Collagen and youthful skin: what is the link?

Diet and nutrition are important in maintaining youthful skin looks. There are many supplements you can take to tighten your facial skin and boost elasticity. One of the popular supplements for anti-aging purposes is collagen. This vital skin protein can be derived from animal sources or from plants such as soy, wheat, and even mushrooms. Collagen can be added to smoothies and directly to meals such as soups. 

Collagen peptides is a more easily digestible form of this important skin protein. In addition to supporting skin elastin, collagen peptides contribute to better skin hydration. By making the top layer of the skin denser, collagen prevents water loss from the deeper dermis layers. 

But another marvelous quality of collagen peptides lies in their ability to promote skin healing by boosting the production of unique cells called fibroblasts. These cells, among other functions, support wound healing. 

How much collagen is enough for anti-aging action? Studies show that 10 g of soluble collagen taken at bedtime is the optimal amount. This way, collagen promotes the stronger connectivity network, so-called “scaffolding” that supports the skin, and also helps skin repair itself with fibroblast production. In just 4 to 8 weeks, study participants who were taking 10 g of soluble collagen powder every day, noted better skin hydration and smoother, tighter skin appearance, even without additional cosmetic measures.


  1. Antioxidants to the rescue

Another important nutrient group for anti-aging and skin tightening are antioxidants. There are various substances that keep the skin inflammation-free and protected from harmful elements. Antioxidants also keep the skin wrinkle-free by combatting reactive oxygen species that cause oxidative damage. This kind of damage is believed to be the root cause of many signs of aging, especially because this low-grade information causes the degradation of collagen fibers in the skin. 

Among the most commonly used anti-aging antioxidants are vitamins A, C, D3, and E. They are readily available in whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Some of the skin-specific antioxidants are zinc (very useful in maintaining clear, acne-free skin) and selenium (great overall for immunity). If you want to add more complex antioxidants to your anti-aging stack, consider the green tea extract, anthocyanin (found in red wine and grapes), and lycopene (found in tomatoes, watermelons, and most red-colored fruit and vegetables). 

Antioxidants for skin tightening work especially well when applied topically and consumed internally in the form of supplements and a balanced diet. But it’s worth noting that too much of a good thing can actually hurt. When taken in excess, antioxidants can cause abdominal disorders and allergies. If you take antioxidants for anti-aging properties, always follow the dosage recommended on the label and avoid taking large dosages just in hopes that they will erase wrinkles overnight.

  1. Using massage for smoother skin appearance

Massage is one of the very effective methods of skin lifting and tightening. It is virtually free from side effects. Massage can promote skin lifting by purging excess water that may accumulate underneath the skin surface. In this case, facial contours become more defined and the facial features appear tighter. 

Another little-explored benefit of massage is its ability to stimulate the formation of fibroblasts that not only preserve the healthy levels of collagen and elastin but also reduce the level of inflammation that can be triggered by environmental factors and certain skincare procedures.


Facial massage also stimulates the facial muscles so they are better able to shape up the facial features. Another great benefit of massage is its ability to promote the blood flow to the skin which results in a healthy glow and smoother skin texture. Even if massage cannot erase wrinkles, its effect on skin tightening is visible even after 2-3 massage sessions. There are many massage routines available online. The only precaution to the face lifting massage is using natural oil to reduce any chances of irritation, and avoid pulling the skin too much which may cause painful stiffening of facial muscles.

How much massage is enough for skin tightening? Some studies show that even 5-6 minutes of facial massage a day can produce a significant effect. You can achieve the same effect by using facial massage devices but again, practice caution so as not to damage and irritate the skin. 

Should you rely on non-surgical procedures to achieve tighter skin? Among the popular methods are laser, acupuncture, ultrasound, and infra-red so-called “facial lifts.” While the effectiveness of these methods has not been scientifically proven, many people notice that their skin appears tighter and more smooth after procedures. This can be explained by the massage and moisturizing action of non-surgical procedures. 

  1. How to prevent sagging skin

While it’s perfectly normal for the skin to lose elasticity with age, certain lifestyle changes can help maintain the youthful appearance of the skin. Among the practical changes you can make are:

  • Better skin hydration, not just with water, but by introducing juicier, naturally hydrating foods in your diet
  • Protecting your skin from sun radiation and environmental factors with antioxidant-rich skincare
  • Maintaining a steady weight and avoiding crash diets that force you to lose weight by purging water
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Using gentle, natural, minimally invasive skin care products made without harsh abrasives or detergents.

While it’s tempting to tighten loose, sagging skin, it’s good to remember that it’s not a medical condition and does not require invasive treatment. Nutritional supplements, a healthy lifestyle, and firming skin treatments are always a better option than surgical procedures that can cause more harm than good.


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