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7 Proven Ways from Experts How to Get Rid of Hollow Eyes in 2021

The delicate skin under eyes is more prone to the devastating effects of aging, so even benign health issues can cause an effect known as hollow or sunken eyes. 

Thankfully, there’s no need to book a cosmetologist appointment right away. Hollow eye areas can be diminished using gentle and natural treatments which we are going to explore in this guide.

Reasons for hollow eyes appearance

The skin under the eyes is not only thinner and drier than on the rest of the face. The eye area has an extremely thin, if not invisible under-dermal fat layer. With age, this layer becomes almost obsolete. As a result, any changes in the upper skin layers provoke the under eye and upper lid areas to “sunk”. 

First of all, you need to know that the skin under your eyes is the thinnest. As a result, small blood vessels and lymph vessels shine through much faster than in other parts of the body. If these veins are enlarged and promote darker, oxygen-poor blood, they quickly shimmer through the delicate skin and create a shadow under your eyes. How pronounced your dark circles and hollow areas under the eyes are of course entirely dependent on your genetic makeup, your skin, and your health.

While many women (and men) tend to overreact to the hollow eyes appearance, this condition can still cause a lot of distress. No need to despair and invest in expensive spa procedures to treat the condition that is medically known as tear eye hollows. Let’s quickly recap seven natural and proven ways to remove hollow eyes appearance:

  1. Wholesome, balanced nutrition.
  2. Good quality sunscreen.
  3. Avoiding malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies.
  4. Preserving collagen
  5. Drinking lots of water
  6. Maintaining a sleep regime
  7. Treating your allergies

Ready to explore? Let’s begin.

Expert advice #1. Pay attention to your nutrition.

Experts agree that the appearance of sunken, hollow eyes can be reversed with wholesome nutrition. This should not be mistaken for sticking to some diet with goals of weight loss. Instead, focus on eating a variety of healthy, minimally processed foods with as few artificial ingredients as possible. Try eating more of the following foods:

  • Natural lean meats
  • Fish and seafood in general
  • Vegetables and fruit
  • Whole grains and legumes
  • Whole-fat dairy products such as cottage cheese and milk

If you are vegan or vegetarian, experts recommend increasing the consumption of vegetable proteins to help your skin maintain its firm appearance. Remember that diet plays a key role in your skin’s youthfulness - and that includes hollow eyes.

Among the things to lose on your quest for fresh-looking eyes are sugary foods and drinks, alcohol, and heavily processed meats such as sausages and pates. Gradually decrease the number of processed and ready-made meals in your diet and you will soon notice that your eyes look fresh and less sunken and hollow.

Pay attention to your nutrition with Olrom

Expert advice #2. Wear good-quality sunscreen.

The sunken eye area can appear darker because of sun exposure. A simple trick to achieve a naturally healthy skin tone is investing in a good moisturizer with sunscreen. Sunscreens formulated for sensitive skin are safe to wear around eyes but your best bet is natural, physical sunscreen formulas that protect with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

The eye area is particularly sensitive to sun exposure. In all skin types, sun UV radiation causes the expedited loss of collagen, the main guardian of skin youthfulness. Studies show that a regular application of sunscreen helps slow down skin aging by a whopping 25 percent.

If wearing sunscreen and a moisturizer is too much of an effort for you, you can opt for an all-in-one formula, as long as it provides adequate protection and contains skin moisturizing emollients. In the summertime, you can wear a facial anti-aging serum and add a layer of sunscreen on top.

Another benefit of natural, physical sunscreens is that they can double as skin primer or a light foundation, so your hollow eye area looks naturally blurred. For increased protection, you can top your sunscreen with a mineral foundation that also contributes to the healthy glow of your entire face.

Wear good-quality sunscreen

Expert advice #3. Get a balanced health supplement.

One of the reasons why some people become more prone to hollow eyes is the deficiency of certain vitamins. For example, vitamin C is responsible for the preserving of skin collagen and healthy blood circulation in the skin. Technically, when the blood circulation is impaired, the blood pools in vessels dilate and cause the skin to darken. Also, vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that helps it maintain strong, resilient skin protection. When taken as a part of a robust health multivitamin supplement, vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron more efficiently.

Iron is important not just to healthy blood composition but to stronger blood vessels and unhindered circulation. By ensuring a healthy blood supply to the eye area, iron helps avoid a dull, tired skin appearance that makes eye hollows look even worse.
Another vitamin deficiency that can cause hollow eyes is the lack of vitamin K. This vitamin is responsible for the health of blood vessels throughout the body, not just the eye area. When we do not consume enough vitamin K, blood vessels become thinner and more prone to leaking which causes tiny bruises to form.  This contributes to the darkening of under-eye areas and the formation of creases and hollows.

Expert advice #4. Preserve collagen.

As we get older, our bodies lose collagen, the protein that forms the cartilage and supporting structures in our face. Applying collagen topically cannot always guarantee fast results, since collagen molecules are too voluminous to easily penetrate the skin. What’s the solution? 

Experts recommend replenishing collagen from the inside. All protein-rich foods, no matter if the protein is derived from plants (soy and other legumes) or animals (meat, dairy) can provide essential amino acids that restore the firm and supple look of the skin.  

Other collagen-boosting methods can involve simple methods such as eating jelly and drinking bone broth, to more expensive yet effective methods such as taking collagen supplementation and drinking collagen shakes. During volunteer studies, participants noticed a visible improvement in the appearance of hollow eyes just after two weeks of increased collagen consumption. 

When else can you do to boost collagen production in your skin? Certain vitamins and minerals can help. Experts assure that supplementing with copper, vitamin C, and zinc can improve your body’s ability to absorb collagen from the food sources. That’s why nutritionists recommend starting with food sources of collagen first, like bone broth, simply because they are more familiar and easily absorbable by your body.

No matter which method of collagen supplementation you choose, remember to drink plenty of water since collagen, being a protein, means additional work for your kidneys. 

Expert advice #5. Avoid dehydration.

Drinking more water helps restore supple skin and a healthy glow. Drinking too many caffeinated drinks, including coffee and tea, as well as sugary beverages, dehydrates the skin at a rapid speed.

Sunken eyes often appear in people who try to lose weight by takin diuretic pills or drinking diuretic teas. As a result, excessive water loss yields not only skin dryness but also loss of firmness in sensitive areas such as eyes and lips. Simply by restoring water intake and drinking up to 10 glasses of pure, unsweetened water (with or without gas) is enough to significantly diminish the look of hollow eyes. 

Here are some practical tips that will help you drink enough water to avoid hollow eyes:

  • Set a reminder in your mobile phone to stay on track of your water consumption
  • Get yourself an attractive water bottle, ideally made without hormone-disrupting plastics such as PET
  • Make it a habit to drink 5 sips of water every hour
  • Add lemon or lime juice to your water to make it taste less bland
  • Replace sugary drinks and coffee with pure water

One last tip: Don’t indulge in too much mineral water. Some minerals in water such as calcium, mean increased effort for your kidneys, which in turn can trigger the same roundabout of dehydration caused to urinating too much. Plain table, tap, or filtered water, with or without gas, will do the trick and make your eyes less hollow.

Expert advice #6. Get enough sleep

Inadequate sleep is a frequent reason for deep sunken areas under the eyes to form. In the current times of uncertainty, getting enough sleep can be troublesome for many. If you notice any of the following:

  • Troubles falling asleep and taking longer than 30 minutes to doze off
  • Inability to find a comfortable sleep position
  • Excessive wakefulness at night (more than 2 times)
  • Being awake for more than 20 minutes between each rise at night
  • You sleep less than 6 hours every day

Then it’s time to specifically address your sleep issues.

In addition to worries and fears, our sleep can be disrupted by the abundance of blue light emitted by computer screens and mobile devices that surround us on a non-stop basis. Blue light, in contrast to yellow warm light, interferes with the levels of a sleep hormone making timely bedtime problematic. 

To bring your sleep to normal, experts recommend reading paper books at bedtime and eliminating the sources of blue light at least two hours prior to going to sleep. If going offline is not possible for any reason, consider switching your device screens to night mode so that screen turns to an amber hint. 

When it comes to your beauty sleep, pillows also matter. It’s important to sleep with your head raised so that the fluids naturally move downward as you sleep. You may consider investing in a pure silk pillowcase that helps prevent skin creasing during slumber.

Get enough sleep

Expert advice #7. Watch your allergies.

The underlying cause of skin creases and hollows under the eyes are untreated skin allergies. When the body becomes especially sensitive to something, be it pollen, skincare ingredients, or pet hair, the eye can become excessively watery and prone to tears. The tear duct becomes more prominent which causes the eye area to appear creased and sunken. In other cases, the eye area can become swollen and puffy. After the excessive liquid disappears, the skin appears dry and wrinkles and any existing creases and hollows appear more visible. 

Allergy treatment is optimal when a dermatologist is involved. You can discover a true cause of your allergies after a series if tests that can pinpoint the substance that causes allergic reactions. Only then you can start effectively treating allergies. This also involves switching to skincare for sensitive skin and avoiding anything that triggers low-grade inflammation in your body, including sugar, alcohol, and smoking.

Among less common causes of hollow eyes are facial traumas. For example, damage to your facial bones can cause the irregular distribution of the subcutaneous fat layers, including the eye area. Many fractures of facial bones can take months to heal and as a result, the displacement of fatty tissue can become permanent. In these cases, facial massages or acupuncture can be very helpful.

Watch your allergies

Cosmetological treatments for hollow eyes

If you suffer from sunken or hollow eye areas due to genetics, then your best bet is dermatological treatment. Some of the less invasive procedures involve injections of collagen, silicon, or human fat fillers in sunken areas. Other treatments include infrared lifting, laser stimulation, and cryotherapy.

Hyaluronic acid injections are the most popular treatments for removing dark circles. The procedure can be carried out quickly and without problems and also leads to very good results. The advantage of using hyaluronic acid to inject dark circles under the eyes is its chemical structure since hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin. Such injections have. extremely pronounced lifting effect on the skin. This can be used to cushion the furrow of the eye rings. In addition, the coloring of the skin can be harmonized to diminish the look of hollow eyes.

Botox injections inhibit the transmission of stimuli between nerves and muscles. Injected into the eye area, it relaxes the eye muscles. Accordingly, the skin under the eyes appears significantly more radiant. Botulinum toxin is not injected as deeply as hyaluronic acid and must be injected with great care, as otherwise, the circles under the eyes and hollow areas can become worse due to the paralysis of the muscles.

Many patients prefer the method of injecting their own fat because they use their own material. In contrast to botox or hyaluronic acid injection, this procedure is more complex. Body fat must first be sucked off and specially prepared before it can be injected into the hollow eye areas.

In most cases, the patient sedated for this procedure. The fat separated in a centrifuge is also injected into the skin with the help of a fine cannula. The lifting effect is not as strong as with hyaluronic acid. However, slight dark circles and hollow areas can be treated very well and may disappear completely.

Some of the fat cells that are transferred to the eye area are broken down by the body. A second injection with fat may therefore be necessary. For this purpose, in the course of the first treatment with liposuction, a little more fat is always obtained from the patient than would be necessary for the injection.

Remember that any surgery comes with certain risks. Consider invasive treatments only if natural treatment or lifestyle changes were helpless. This is often the cause when hollow eye area results from certain genetic factors.

Skincare for hollow eyes

You can diminish the look of hollow eyes and sunken eye areas by implementing easy skincare routines. This will allow not only to delay or completely avoid “heavy artillery” of cosmetic surgery but will also protect your looks from premature aging. 

So along with protecting your skin from environmental enemies with sunscreen and antioxidants, you can introduce these simple tricks that work wonders on hollow skin. Let’s examine in more detail.

Almond oil makes a great moisturizer for the eye area, the reason being is that it’s chock-full rich in vitamin E in its natural, bioavailable form. Vitamin E helps restore supple and hydrated skin looks so that hollow eyes and sunken areas are less visible. Asian beauties claim that almond oil also helps lighten the skin which is an added bonus since excessive pigmentation can make hollow eyes look even more sunken.

When your eye area looks particularly dark and tired, why not apply slices of raw potatoes to your eyes? We all know that green tea and cucumber do the trick, but potatoes hold even stronger eye lightening power. This is because potato contains a special enzyme that breaks down the melanin in the skin. Raw potatoes also contain vitamin C which when applied topically acts as a gentle skin lightener, and lighter skin looks less hollow.

Other natural skin lighteners include lemon juice, strawberries, and fish oil. Remember to apply with caution so that juices do not get into the eyes and cause even more trouble.

Our eye skin is the mirror of your soul. If you are stressed, exhausted, or have not gotten enough sleep, you can see it quickly by the dark shadows and hollows under your eyes. Medically, it cannot be exactly explained why some people have stronger eye hollows than others. But one thing is certain: they are not particularly beautiful.

Now you know about numerous home remedies and beauty procedures for dark and hollow circles under the eyes, which quickly make the small, dark hollow eyes disappear.   

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